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Divorce? Trauma? Starting Over? You are not alone!

Divorce? Trauma? Starting Over? You are not alone!

Denise Brewer survived a life of abuse, abandonment & divorce; well hidden behind a pretty smile, good manners and always being a lady. It took 20 years of putting her marital vows first, decades of therapy and a final decision to choose joy before she threw the masque aside. In doing so she lost virtually everything; friends to finances to belief in herself.

Relying on her research skills to get through the maze of the legal system, the depression of starting over and feeling so alone and she made a lot of mistakes. Mistakes which would have been avoided if she had access to unbiased expert information. Denise shares her raw, honest past so other women and single moms are not alone and can stand strong.

This website shares Denise's story, books, presentations and expert advice to help you find the strength to endure even the darkest of times, with the knowledge that you will come out on the other side happier, stronger, and never alone.

I provide expert divorce resources, personal coaching, support, and also being a life coach in Tulsa, OK and around the world. My goal is to help women remain strong in hard times.

Numbers, Numbers, Numbers

One of the pieces she wrote when struggling with finances.  It's part of The Journal.

I do, I Did, I'm Done, The Journal

"Do what you feel in your heart to be right -                

              for you’ll be criticized anyway." Eleanor Roosevelt